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"Hello! My name is Dash, and I have a very messy page, but I like it that way, because only then will I be able to find anything. :XD:
Anyway, I love to draw felines, canines and dragons, and every now and then something else. Never know what'll show up in my gallery.
I'm a Homeschooled Bat-nerd, who wishes she could be a Robin, because Robins are amazing. And I'm a complete Nightwing-Nut, who fangirls obsessively over him because I can not convince my inner fangirl to not be in love with him. But oh my gosh, his Young Justice laugh.
Oh, and I'm also a Teen Titans--the old show, not this new 'Teen Titans Go,' crap--Young Justice, Transformers: TaS, Transformers: Prime, Justice League, JL Unlimited, Green Lantern the animated series, and any-and-all BatMan cartoon idiot fan, because I love older cartoons.
I also love Kid Flash and Artemis.
And Razor and Aya.
Fun Fact: My ultimate OTPs are Spitfire and Razaya.
Nothing will change that.
I cried so hard after Endgame oh gosh I cried.
Also, I am a writer--sort of--who loves to write original stories, fan-fiction sort of stuff, and RoleyPlay is my life.
I have to many characters and most of them don't even have a profile.
My Point Commission Prices are in the journal below my ID, and my prices are quite cheap--I hope.
That is all you need to know~"

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Primitive call stamp by dragon-master-13

Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDukePoint Commissions - Open by SweetDukeTrades - Ask Me by SweetDukeRequests - Friends Only by SweetDuke

Future Robin-In-Training.
One Of The Bat's most loyal fans.

"Stay Whelmed, Keep Traught, Feel The Aster, Remain Turbed, And Don't Get Outfiltrated."

Welcome to my corner of DeviantART! Feel free to browse my gallery and favorites, but watch out for the Robins and dragons hiding about. Some of them bite, but not all of them.

You have stumbled on a BatMan, Transformers, Teen Titans and Young Justice nerd, who is also obsessed with Green Lantern The animated series, Wolf's Rain, Guardians of Ga'hoole--and Owls in general--Dragons, Knights, Marvel--mostly the X-Men--Sonic and music. You have been warned.


You can also find me on the ever-awesome,
Click on this to go to my Clan's Profile!
Fire Flight Stamp by Cohayden | All Hail The FlameCaller! | Fire Flight Stamp by Cohayden


DC Love Stamp by Spark-plugSupport the X-Men Stamp by damphyri love superheroes stamp by Roux-mLove Batman by KorineForeverbatman nerd. by ryvirDC Comics Batman Fan Stamp by dA--bogeymanDC Comics Robin Fan Stamp by dA--bogeymanRobin stamp by WhyteHawkeRobin Stamp by Allendra3Robin Stamp by artemisgreenleaf5396Robin Stamp Red by ice-fireYJ Robin Stamp 1 by SasuSakuChickBat-Stamp 02 by theEyZmasterNightwing stamp by Catt-NightingaleYJ Nightwing STAMP by MissWiredStudiosNightwing stamp by pantheon9000Batman Animated Series stamp by Bourbons3Young Justice Stamp by neomonBatman 4 President by VassindiLove Batman by KorineForeverBatman hero by KorineForeveri support the bat signal by DaasEriadorGordon 01 - Stamp by JayneLionsAlfred Stamp by OhSadfaceJoker and Harley by ovstampsJoker Stamp by SahkmetLeft My Mind In Gotham by RandomRocksBatman Lighting Stamp by DaRk-Stamps

~ Personal Quotes ~
(Bold text is me speaking.)

"Tomato, Potato."
"It's 'Tomato,' 'Tamado,' 'Potato,' 'Patato.'"
"... Well they're both a vegetable, so what difference does it make?"

"I'm with Bats, though. I'd carry Kryptonite around in my pockets if there was some guy that could shoot lasers from his eyes, leap tall buildings in a single bound, go faster then a speeding bullet, runnin' around in blue underwear and a matching cape with red tights."

"I still say it should be a comic book store."

"Wow, Addie, I didn't know you had American Idol in your living room. You one of the judges or somethin'?"
"Yeah... I'm Keith Urban."

"Logic, where art thou?"

"And everyone departeth--expect for that guy."

*The bird clock on our wall chimes 11 PM*
"Shut up, I do what I want!"

"So, if Aftermath is what happens after something, then there has to be a Beforemath... right?"



After a lot of consideration, I have decided to raise my prices. I was severally underpricing, and I wasn't making much off of it. The changes DO NOT apply to ALREADY ACCEPTED Commissions!

Another note. For good friends, prices are cut in half, or we can just do an art trade, as my trades are open.

Point Commissions Are OPEN

COMMENT here if you'd like to order something from me!

{ What I will draw }
Most Pokemon
Most Animals In General

{ What I might draw, if I'm up to it. }
Humans (Very iffy on submitting most--if any--of my human sketches, as I'm not very good at them.)
(I'm very rusty on these things, so you won't really see much of this stuff in my gallery.)

What I will NOT draw
Sexual Themes
Over PG-13
To much Gore/Blood

100 :points: adds up to $1.25.

DeviantArt Point Calculator by charfade


Sketch - 50 to 100 :points: | 50 :points: Per character. NOTE! I will sometimes do basic sketches for free. But not all the time.
Can be drawn Traditional or Digital

Alex by CreativityDashZephie~ by CreativityDashMore Kit Flash by CreativityDashUh oh, not another Famdom... by CreativityDashPrepare to be boarded~! 0w0 (Sketch) by CreativityDashTcI - Fang head shot, paw, and Wolf Armor by CreativityDash

Lineart100 to 150 :points: | +100 :points: Per character
Can be drawn Traditional or Digital

Cat Lineart by CreativityDashMiles Lineart by CreativityDash

Colored - 150 to 300 :points: | +250 :points: Per character
Can be drawn Traditional or Digital

Miles Golden Light of the Solar Clan by CreativityDashZeph by CreativityDashReality is Borning... by CreativityDashSorren by CreativityDashPhanTOM Cat by CreativityDashSapphire by CreativityDashFang - Profile by CreativityDashKasai - Wolf's Rain Character by CreativityDashTamber - New Art'Sona by CreativityDashLuke the Lucario by CreativityDash

Shading is free, but only for digital works.

Added Background - 300 to 400 :points: for Simple. 400 to 600 :points: for a complex Background.
Traditional or Digital

Ptb - Assignment - Sheela by CreativityDashDragon Academy Cover by CreativityDashYellow Light by CreativityDashIn the Moment it Takes to make Friends or Mistakes by CreativityDash

Journal Dolls100 :points: for Simple design. 200 to 300 :points: for a complex design (Lots of accessories and/or complex markings.)
Digital Only

Aura Journal Doll by CreativityDashFree as a bird, I tell ya by CreativityDashfree fall from who knows where by CreativityDash

Reference Sheets - 150 to 250 :points: for character design only (Price depends on complexity). +20 :points: for a simple written profile. However, +50 :points: for a complex written profile.
Can be drawn Traditional or Digital

Aura ~ Reference by CreativityDashHope by CreativityDashPromises To Breathe ~ Sheela -- Scout by CreativityDashP-T-B ~ Smethr ~ Fisher by CreativityDash

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Thanks for the Watch by JB-Pawstep 
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That is such a cute "Thank you," by the way~ X3
JB-Pawstep 4 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
saw it by someone else and wanted to do my own XD
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Thesilverdragoness 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist

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Send this to all your friends & me if I'm one......If you get 4 back, you are liked but if you get 7 back, then you are seriously loved

(I usually don't post these sort of things but I like the main idea of what's being said here about friendship...not the being cursed whatever lol) 

GoWaterTribe Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Love your username by the way! XD
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Thank you very much for the watch :meow: !
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Eeee your welcome :3
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Thanks for the watch :)
shademist030 Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much for the watch! I really appreciate it! :D <33
TeamLeoOmega646 Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the watch! 
CreativityDash Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem! :D
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